Report Bugs

Armitage is hosted on Google's Code hosting platform. Use their issue tracker to report bugs / feature requests:


Visit the Armitage Facebook fan page if you want to connect with other Armitage users. This site is independently maintained by Armitage users.

For those of you who aren't into Facebook, Armitage is also on LinkedIn.

You can also ask questions on the #armitage IRC channel on If you need an IRC client, try out jIRCii.


I'd love to know more about how you use Armitage and what it does for you. If you have a few moments, fill out the Armitage user survey. If you do so and provide your mailing address, I'll send you a 3x3 Armitage sticker for your laptop. I've already completed my first mailing and will probably do one mailing per month from now on.

Questions / Support

Armitage is meant for a highly technical audience (it's fast and easy hacking for security professionals, not grandma). I will assume that you have read the manual, the FAQ file, and the startup troubleshooting guide before sending a message.

When you email me--do not reference an outdated website / video as authoritative. This is a fast moving project. I reserve the right to move beyond something that was written a year ago. This website is the only reliable source of information on Armitage. You've been warned.